Using a Doctors Note

November 26th, 2013

I had a big family event coming up in Atlantic City over the holiday time and needed to take off work. I had off Thursday and Friday but my family had reservations starting on Wednesday. The policy at my company was that employees cannot take off the day before a vacation unless there is some sort of emergency or serious illness. To get the day off work I knew I would need a doctors note. I could not go to the doctor since I was feeling fine. I did a little research online and found a great site for excuse notes.

I did not want to lose my job so I took a good look at these fake doctors note. They looked authentic. I could not tell the difference between these notes and a real one from a doctor. After paying for the note I was able to fill it in with my name, the date I was going to be out , and local information. This note looked much better then the free templates that were online. The note I got was from a real doctor with credentials on the note. I was not going to risk using a free template. I just wanted a day off and I did not want to get in trouble at work.

The morning that I wanted to take off I called in sick and my supervisor did not sound too happy. She reminded me that I was going to have to bring a note in on Monday or there would not be a pleasant outcome. I went away for the rest of the week and had a good time seeing my family.

On Monday I made sure that I had the excuse note with me. Upon entering the office my supervisor reminded me about the note. I gave it to her and she looked at it for a second. Then she told me she hoped I was feeling better. I said I was and went about my day. This fake excuse note allowed me to have some fun without getting in trouble at work. If you need a great note, check out

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