Teachers Need a Break

September 6th, 2014

I have been teaching for the last ten years, and my job is a stressful one. I teach middle school students how to read, write and conduct research. Middle school students are full of drama and are very active, and I sometimes struggle to keep up with them. There are days that I feel like I do more babysitting than classroom teaching because I have to fight with them to stop talking, put away their cell phones or quit punching one another. Some child is always mad at another one, and girls break up with their boyfriends and cry every hour of the day. It gets old fast.

Every couple of months, I just need a break from the kids for my own sanity. I feel like I deserve a break based on what I deal with daily. When I need a day to myself, I use a fake doctors note to excuse me from work for a day or two. I can use fake doctors notes for work to get me out of as many days as I need to for whatever medical reason I want to use. I can miss work without worrying about the consequences.

I just like to sleep in and sit in the quiet house alone. I am so used to being asked questions all day long and of being pulled in a million directions at once that I need total and complete quiet to restore my soul and my faith in children. When I return to the classroom after using a fake doctors note, I am much calmer and feel like I can take on the stresses of the world. I think the kids can even tell a difference, and it makes me a much better teacher. I am so glad I found this simple solution. If you also want a free doctor’s note template, you might want to look here.

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